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Intellectual property policy

Mimetic technology alert

Please note that for the [mimetic technology] of Creative CoatingsFor the Company, to a method and apparatus for forming an external electrode on the end portion of the electronic parts such as multilayer ceramic capacitors, Japan as well Europe, the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Mexico, patent of the major electronic components producing countries such as Southeast Asia Agency to have a patent application.
This patent application, the platen and, a jig holding the electronic component, and fro by a combination of movement of the X · Y · Z-axis, by relatively moving the spiral plate surface, the electronic components It defines blots step of removing excess paste of preformed paste layer. There are two ways for this blot process. One extra paste is intended to be transferred to the surface of the platen (referred to as dry method). The other one, an extra paste is intended to be transferred to the paste layer previously formed on the surface of the platen (referred to as wet mode).

Method and apparatus for implementing a blotting step by these dry method or wet method, because it is in conflict with the invention described in the claims of our patent application, please stop immediately its implementation.
For such mimetic technology, we will cope with attitude was resolutely towards its sweep.
For this reason, regularly has carried out a cross-sectional electrode shape analysis of electronic components, we have widely investigate whether those produced by mimicking the technology of the Company by coating shape.
About our unique technology holds the patent rights, in the case of infringement of the patent rights are observed, off at the ready not hesitate legal means.

Also we would like to continue to ask that you look forward patronize our products in the future.