Core technology to support IoT business

The innovation to be demanded in the various industry due to the arrival of the IoT society.
The innovation to be created at the industry with the coating & film forming technology of Creative Coatings Co., Ltd.,
and the request from various market to be increased.
We can suggest at once not only the process and the contract service but also the robot as well as the coating & film forming technology,
and back-up the progress of the IoT society.

Liquid phase technology Vapor phase technology

Example of liquid phase technical processing

Our liquid phase technology is freely to control the liquid and provides the recipe proposal as well as the equipment which meets with customer’s works and conditions. In case of external electrode coating, applicable to ultra-small size and difficult shape by pursuing the ideal shape. Also, at the spray coating with atmospheric pressure, the coating at the deep position and solid side and large area which were difficult to process by an ordinary method to be applicable.

Example of vapor phase technical processing

Let’s introduce work materials, film kindnesses and film thickness which customers review, and then the technology and processing examples which we propose. The vapor phase technology of Creative Coatings Co., Ltd. are utilized at the various field of “New raw materials & new materials” & “Energy” such as resin materials, cell battery, etc., “Medical and Health care” such as medical sensor, equipment, etc., “Mobile terminal” “Wearable terminal” “Automotive” such as electric components, new displays, etc. Here, we have a technology which enables to resolve customer’s needs and issues.

Technical solution by the collaboration

By the collaboration with areas, universities and companies, we perform new business development such as high added value, the new technology creation, etc.
Also, possible to “get various kinds of advanced seeds” by the collaboration with universities and to “propose the total solution” by the collaboration with companies.

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