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Test Request

Creative Coatings accepts a small volume of test coating and test film formation.
If you wish to order, please check the following notes, fill out the form, and send it back to us.
Our staff member will contact you back.

※Please read the following notes.

Required items to prepare

Work (base material)
※Our company can also arrange the material for you. Please contact us for more information.

Sizes that can be tested

Many different sizes are available for coating and film formation tests.
If you know the size of the workpiece, please fill in the remarks column in the form below.


Fees apply for the test.
We will send you a quotation after we understand your inquiry and obtain the necessary information.

Target material

Resin (organic matter)
・ Metal / glass (inorganic)

Film types

·Compound (Oxide / Nitride)

Test Request Form

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or the like.
There are many other cases that are not explained here, which we prepared based on our customers’ request, so please feel free to contact us first.
If you need to attach the details of your request or detailed instructions, please download the following file, fill it in, and attach it as a PDF file.

Step up to the test application and test deposition

  1. Please fill in the desired test contents in the form below.
    To fill in the details, please download this file, fill in the form below, and attach the file when sending the email.PDF for detailed description. (ZIP format)
  2. Our company’s staff member will contact you and ask for the necessary information.
  3. Our company’s staff member will send you a quotation.
  4. Order
  5. Test coating and test film formation

Company nameRequired

Department name


Mail addressRequired

Phone number

Test type selection

Film types

Protective filmBarrier filmInsulating filmDecorative filmHydrophobic filmUnderwater filmetc

Film Thickness

Test purpose

To purchase equipmentTo consider manufacturing contractsTo develop productsTo produce samplesetc


Are you in a hurry?

Type of material

Coating or film formation targets

Purpose of coating or film formation

Other requests, details, etc.