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Gas phase technologies

We propose the most suitable method under "vacuum and atmospheric pressure"!

It is possible to form organic and inorganic (metals, compounds, oxides, nitrides) films! The formation of a dense and high-quality film with a thickness of 1nm to 10μm is possible!

Examples of technical processing

We propose optimal machining examples based on the workpiece material, film type, and film thickness that the customer evaluates. Creative Coatings’ gas-phase technology can be applied in "new substances and new materials" and "energy", such as resin raw materials and fuel cells, "medical and healthcare", such as medical equipment and devices, "mobile devices", such as electronic components and new displays, "wearable devices", "automotive", and others. We have the technologies needed to solve each of our customer’s needs and issues.

Target Materials

Organic matter

Request from Customer

"I want to coat resins."

Films can be formed at low temperatures even on high-temperature-sensitive materials


Request from Customer

"I want to coat glass, ceramic, and metal."

We can produce a uniform film with excellent adhesion properties

Resin container

Request from Customer

"I want to decorate resin containers."

We can perform coating using your desired colors and textures

Film and glass

Request from Customer

"I want to add functionality to film and glass."

Various functions, such as UV block and insulation, can be added.


Request from Customer

"I want to coat powder particles."

We can reduce the cost and improve the functionality by forming films on powders with various particle sizes.

Film types

Metal film

Request from Customer

"I want to coat metal films."

Highly-pure metal materials can be deposited with a high adhesion strength while maintaining high purity.

Alloy metal film

Request from Customer

"I want to coat alloy metal films."

Films can be formed according to the desired composition and crystal type.

Oxide film

Request from Customer

"I want to coat oxide films."

It is possible to form films with various added properties, such as reflective, shaded, or transparent electrodes, and others.

Film Thickness

1nm (nano)

Request from Customer

"I want to coat nano-level thin films"

It is possible to form dense, uniform, and homogeneous ultra-thin films.

Ultrafine particles

Request from Customer

"I want to coat a thin film with a 10mm or less thickness."

Uniform and homogeneous coating can be performed on 10-nm powder particles


Request from Customer

"I want to coat a thin film with a 100nm to 1000nm thickness."

It is possible to form films with the desired thickness

Technology method


Vapor deposition method



CVD method


ALD method



Sputtering method


DLC method

Coating apparatus

We propose the best technology and coating method to meet our customers’ requirements and offer high-quality films.

ALD device /
CMVA series

It is possible to form a high-quality film at low temperatures, which is said to be difficult with ALD!

Subject catalog

Barrel-type ALD device /
CMVB series

Fusion of the ALD device and the barrel mechanism


Bubbling CVD device /
CMB series

Liquid → gas
  • It is possible to form high-quality films at a low temperature and low cost.
  • Compatible with almost all metal-oxide films
Deposition Specifications
  • Deposition temperature <300 ℃
  • Deposition rate> 100nm / min
Examples of Application
  • Protective film, insulating film, optical film

RF excited DLC film growth apparatus
/ CMVC series

Examples of contract deposition by CMVC

Our apparatus realized DLC film growth under 150℃ with RF power and DC high voltage.
But conventional methods of DLC film growth need high temperature over 500℃.


Plasma source

Supply the desired ions and radicals

Nano bubble generation disk

Cleaning effect Compatible with complex and fine shapes without using any special chemicals
Sterilization and purification effects High-concentration oxygen source / ozone source
Separation and dispersion effects Uniform dispersion with a uniform fine particle size

Film formation consignment service

A variety of methods are available
[Dry] Vacuum evaporation machine · Sputtering · CVD
[Wet] Spray ·Ccoater · Dip

Examples of consigned film formation by the ALD

Film Formation Specifications

Work: 300mm Wafers, Various metal parts, Various resin parts, films, Various powders
Size: Within 400×400×400 mm

Adapted film

SiO2、Al2O3、TiO2、ZnO、ZrO、Nb3O5 etc

Film Thickness

3~100 nm