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Company Overview

Management Philosophy

First, we value employees, pursue happiness for both things and hearts, and provide a thrilling work environment.
Second, we value our customers, understand their actual needs, and provide the technological values to fulfill their expectations.

Technological Philosophy

CC invents an original coating technology and contributes to the advancement of science and technology.
CC strives to be a company that overcomes the technical challenges of our customers and the best company in coating technology in the world.

Top message

Creative Coatings Co., Ltd. originated in Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture, is a Research & Development-oriented manufacturer that specializes in coatings. With Tokyo and Niigata and our major bases, we are also actively expanding our business overseas.
Creative Coatings is committed to overcoming the technical challenges faced by the customers. To that end, Creative Coatings promotes research and development through collaborations with many universities and companies with advanced coating seeds around the world, and invents original liquid-phase and gas-phase coating technologies. We develop and provide the processes, products and services that meet customer needs, and possess the associated intellectual properties.
We will continue to listen to our customers’ technical issues and gather the wisdom of our employees to develop creative coating technologies as our company name, and contribute to the industry worldwide with unprecedented coating technologies.

Director Profile

 1972 Joined Yoshinoya Co. Ltd. 1979 Graduated from University of Southern California. 1981 Yoshinoya West Inc. DIP bankruptcy proceeding. 1982 President Yoshinoya west Inc. 1984 successfully worked out DIP. 1992Executive vice president Yoshinoya D&C Co. Ltd. 2001 President Seiyo Food Systems. (parent Co. of Yoshinoya D&C Co. Ltd) served executive Board of Compass Group PLC (UK)2011-2014 2018 retired from Seiyo Food Compass Group. 2019 Joined Creative Coatings currently Chairman of the board.


 1992 established PRODUCE Co. Ltd. When he was 23. 2005 IPO to Jasdaq . 2006 awarded Japan Manufacturing Award, 2007 also awarded EOY Entrepreneur of the Year. 2008 Company violated stock exchange regulation, then filed reorganization. 2019 president Creative Coatings Co. Ltd. Business creation College Visiting Professor. PhD.(Engineering) from Nihon Industrial University.


 While he was in MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries(MHI, involved Vacume coating eouipment for IC chip 2004 awarded The Best Innovation prize, based on these idea, MHI, MITSUBISHI CORPORATIN and Japan Policy Finance Corporation established FIZCHEMIX INC. he was transferred to FIZCHMIN as Director CTO. 2019 Director Creative Coatings Co. Ltd. Also President COOL ALD Co. Ltd. Having more than 100 patents, submit 32 papers, author 5 books.1995 PhD (engineering) from TOHOKU University.


Liquid-phase and gas-phase coating technology

  • Coating process development
  • Coating process conditions optimization by AI
  • Coating apparatus development, manufacturing, sales
  • Coating material development, manufacturing, sales
  • Consigned coating service.(trial, mass production)