Vapor phase technology

Realize the film formation at 1nm~1000nm with various processes, film thickness and film kinds.

Deposition method

Deposition method

CVD Method

CVD Method

ALD method

ALD method

Sputtering method

Sputtering method

Propose the best technology and coating method which are suitable to the request, and provide high quality film.

ALD robot
CMVA series

Possible to form high quality film at the room temperature which is said to be hard at ALD.

ALD robot with Barrel type
CMVB series

Coalescence of ALD equipment and Barrel type vacuum sputter equipment.

Bubbling CVD robot
CMB series

Liquid → Volatile:
– Possible to form the film with low temperature, low cost and high quality.
– Applicable to almost all of metal oxide film.
Film formation specification:
– Film formation temperature <300℃
– Film formation speed >100nm/min
Applicable example:
– Protective film, Insulation film, Optics film

IBAD (Ion Beam Assisted Deposition method)
CMVI series

Example of film formation contract business by IBAD:
– In addition to the vapor sputtering method which is conventional technology, it is a combined technology which expects synergistic effect having advantages gained by coupling the ion-implantation method.
– Make low energy irradiation be possible at the room temperature, and improve adhesion characteristics of transparent conductive film (ZnO) on the touch panel and high melting point metal electrode formation.

Contract service of film formation

Available with various process methods

Dry Vacuum sputtering equipment, Sputtering, CVD
Wet Spray, Coater, Dip

Film thickness less than 100nm

Example of film formation contract business
by ALD

Film formation specification:
Work: Wafer, Metal (SUS, Al, Cu, etc.), Resin, Film etc.
Size: The shape is not the matter in case of about 100nm per one side.

Applicable film
SiO2, Al2O3, TiO2, HfO etc.

ald applicable exampleald applicable example

Film thickness 100~1000nm

Example of film formation contract business

Film formation specification
Work size: Φ100~300nm (Possible to use amorphous type and cylinder type)
Film formation: Possible to make a single layer film and Multi-layer film (Maximum 4 layers)        
Pattern deposition: Metal mask to be applicable (option)

Applicable film
High melting metal, Cr, Si, Al, Cu, SiO2, SiN, ZnO etc.

ibad Applicable example

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